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Life often throws us unexpected situations that makes it difficult for us and everyone we care about. Situations like hearing loss can come at any age to any one of us. When you don’t know who to turn to or who you can trust for help, it makes the situation seem difficult to deal with.

Dr. Evonne Serpa, is an Audiologist who has lived and worked in the Portland area for the last 26+ years. She has worked with patients in all kinds of settings from hospitals and private practice to educational clinics, and most recently as Assistant Professor at Pacific University School of Audiology. She is also past-president of the Oregon Academy of Audiology and continues to be actively involved in the academy and Oregon audiology community.

Dr. Serpa completed a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Central Michigan University in 1994, a Master of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Portland State University in 1998, and a Doctor of Audiology degree from University of Florida in 2010.

After 20 years of working as an audiologist in various settings, Dr. Serpa decided the best way to build long-term, trusting relationships with her patients was to own her own practice. In 2016 she started Hearing Resources Audiology Center in order to create a non-threatening environment where people would feel comfortable with their hearing care and receive guidance from a professional they could trust.

Today, Dr. Serpa continues to treat and educate her patients on the best way to protect and enhance their hearing health and quality of life. Helping them connect better with family and friends and seeing their confidence return is her favorite part of audiology.

When out of the office, Dr. Serpa enjoys swimming, watching baseball and hockey, hanging out with her family and relaxing at the Oregon Coast.

A favorite part of my job is helping people hear better; watching their eyes light up and seeing their confidence return. Helping them connect better with family and friends gives me great satisfaction.

Dr. Evonne Serpa

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