Hearing Health Fair – Free for All ages/Family Friendly

at the Northeast Community Center May 20, 2013. 1-3pm

**Participate in free hearing screenings and video otoscopy (see What’s in your ears!) **Balance and fall prevention workshop 

**Measure Your Volume of your earbuds/headphones to see how loud you are listening 

**Balance Workshop – Learn some gentle Yoga techniques to help prevent falling. 

  • Find out why you or a love one may be having more difficulty hearing in noisy environments. 
  • Find out about the latest in assistive technology (alternatives to hearing aids), captioned telephones, prescription hearing aids, over-the-counter hearing devices and more. 
  • Did you know there is a connection between hearing loss and heart disease and diabetes?  
  • Come learn about other health problems that can affect your hearing and balance. 
  • Are you wondering what you can do about that “ringing”, “hissing”, or “buzzing” in your ears. Come check out the Tinnitus table and see what treatment options audiologists offer. 
  • Are you curious about a career in audiology?
    **And More! 
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