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Evonne Serpa, AuD Doctor of Audiology
Evonne Serpa

At Hearing Resources Audiology Center, We Understand How Difficult Hearing Loss Can Be

Hi!  I’m Dr. Evonne Serpa and I’m excited to announce I am joining the Hearing Up provider network.   I have always been a big advocate for audiologists using a best-practices approach for successful hearing aid fittings, care and training.  By joining the Hearing Up network my patients can be assured they will continue to receive quality care and service. 

I am an Audiologist and have lived and worked in the Portland area for the last 26+ years. I have worked with patients in all kinds of settings from hospitals and private practice to educational clinics, and most recently as Assistant Professor at Pacific University School of Audiology. I am currently past-president of the Oregon Academy of Audiology and continue to be actively involved in the Oregon audiology community.    

In 2016 I acquired Hearing Resources Audiology Center in order to create a non-threatening environment where people would feel comfortable with their hearing care and receive guidance from a professional they could trust. Today, I continue to treat and educate my patients on the best way to protect and enhance their hearing health and quality of life. I love helping patients connect better with family and friends and seeing their confidence return. 

What are Best Practices?

Long before the HearngUp Network existed; at Hearing Resources Audiology Center we were already doing best practices. As an audiologist I believe strongly in best practices, such as Real Ear Measurements. Watch this video to find out what they are and why all providers don’t use them. 

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