You didn’t think we forgot, did you? It’s not too late to find out which toys to avoid in order to minimize the risk of hearing loss for kids. So, before you click that ‘Order Now’ button or hit that checkout lane, take a look at the illustrious winners of 2021’s Noisy Toys.

First – A Quick Refresher

Every year new toys hit the market that are loud enough to potentially damage your child’s hearing. Before we debut this year’s list, let’s review again what “loud” means in decibels.

What Are the Current Standards?

According to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ATSM), the toy’s sound should not exceed 85 dB at 50 cm away. 50 cm is approximately 20 inches. These toys are tested and measured by OSHA military noise standards for adults, and thus has been the focus of criticism. A child playing with a noisy toy in the real world is not likely to keep a toy that far away from their ears during routine play. Since hearing damage can occur at a lower decibel level than you may realize, it’s important to keep the following numbers in mind:

Remember: Hearing protection is recommended at 85 dB (decibels). A rock concert’s decibel levels range from 110 dB to 140 dB.

There are smartphone apps available to measure the decibel level if you want to find out just how loud it is around you. We recommend the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) SLM app.

Drum Roll Please….

This year’s winner of the Noisy Toys List: Disney Moana Squeeze and Scream HeiHei by JAKKS Pacific. This toy, designed for kids three years and up, tops the list at 109.7dB at zero inches, and 92.3dB at 10 inches. That’s nearly rock concert levels of sound at zero inches away! Yikes! The runner up this year: DJ Mix & Spin Studio byt Hape, designed for kids 12 months to 5 years old. This toy’s decibel levels clock in at 107.8dB at zero inches and 92.3 at 10 inches away.

Be sure to download the complete list to keep with you for reference as you shop for the little ones in your life this holiday season: Sight & Hearing Association’s Noisy Toys 2021 (pdf)

Happy Holidays From Hearing Resources!

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