You may have noticed your audiologist using a unique tool at your last hearing aid fitting. That tool is invaluable for helping audiologists fit your hearing aids properly for your unique situation. On-ear measurements, or real-ear measurements, of your hearing aid programs have been a tool used by audiologists for a very long time. Recently, thanks to social media, the public is learning more and more about the value of this tool audiologists have for hearing aid fittings.

Tools of the Trade: On-Ear Measurement

Everyone’s ears are different, and hearing aid programs are different. Your hearing aids must be tailored to your ears. The use of on-ear measurements is a great objective tool to verify that the hearing aids are fit properly to your prescriptive needs. Your audiologist takes on-ear measurements at every new hearing aid fitting if there has been a change in your hearing if there are problems with sound quality, if there are new earmolds, or the hearing aid has been re-cased (had the outer case replaced).

What Does It Do?

We use on-ear measurements to help you know if the hearing devices you are currently using are set to your specific needs. The correct calibration for your hearing aids can be the difference between improving your hearing or being met with frustration when you wear them. We want you to come away from your hearing aid fittings happy and comfortable wearing them!

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